Allie Pedretti-Beining

Allie found her true passion later in her career. Fifteen plus years ago, Allie had been an avid and enthusiastic certified Group Fitness and Pilates Mat instructor at the time while still holding down a fast paced sales position. Eventually realizing the secret of internal happiness and feeling fulfilled, Allie followed her dream and obtained her 200 hour Yoga certification focusing on the Vinyasa Power Yoga style of practice. Allie followed her passion and opened Pedretti Power Yoga LLC in March 2010. “This was a life altering moment for me”, claims Allie. “Not only did I find myself challenged physically, more importantly, I obtained an equal challenge psychologically.”

The first time you meet Allie, you will understand that she has found her passion in life and wholeheartedly believe that the body is intrinsically linked to mind and true happiness is found when both are in balance. Whether experiencing Allie’s Group Fitness, Core, Pilates, or Yoga class, Allie’s teaching style will guide the participants to open themselves to new experiences while still being ever mindful of their of their body awareness, alignment and breath. Allie teaches by doing, learning and challenging each student to reach their edge by integrating ways for each individual to “amp it up”.

*Allie Pedretti – ERYT200, CYT, CTA, Certified Pilates and Group Fitness Instructor (NETA), Certified Paddle Yoga Teacher WPA, Certified Personal Trainer (NETA) , Certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor and AquaStrong Instructor Certified.

Stevie Whalen. CYT200

Stevie has an RYT200 certification with Yoga Alliance, is a certified personal trainer and health coach and has a Bachelor degree in Education from the University of La Crosse.

She loves mixing up the routine, challenging participants, creating entertaining playlists and having fun with fitness. She believes all people can find enjoyment in group fitness and strives to empower others to work towards a healthy lifestyle. Stevie teaches yoga, boot camp and core and more.

Personal interests include taking care of her baby girl Aurora and two dogs with her husband, cooking up healthy dishes, spreading faith, yoga, and training for area races. “Keep running the race that is set before you with endurance.” (RYT-200, CTA)

Sarah Umentum. CYT200

Sarah Umentum was first introduced to yoga as a teen when she enrolled in a 1-credit Basics of Yoga class as a college freshman. More worried about avoiding the ‘freshman fifteen’ then practicing mindfulness, she was in for a surprise as she began this journey.

Fast forward 10 years and reflecting on all the joy and struggles, challenges and changes of life, she credits yoga for grounding her through it all. Wanting to take her passion to the next level, she took the next step and received her RYT200 Certification with Yoga Alliance in November 2016.

Our crazy lives can get the best of us and we can stretch ourselves so thin. It is this beautiful yoga practice or what she refers to as ‘life training’ that gives us the tools we need to slow down and become the best versions of ourselves FOR ourselves, most importantly, and for those we love.

Her classes will push students to their edge physically while helping them draw greater awareness to their bodies and understand its’ functions. She hopes to inspire students to use yoga as a catalyst to accomplish their passions and goals in life.

Outside of yoga and her full-time career, she enjoys being with her boyfriend and 2 very active pups, DIY-ing, being active outside, traveling and spending time with friends & family. (CYT-200)

Cynthia Nelson. CYT200

The asana (physical practice) of yoga is what stuck with me first: the way it toned my body, the challenge in gave me to go deeper into a pose, or finally mastering a pose. But I soon realized it was more. This quote resonates so deeply with me. I can touch my toes, but the self-discovery of my true self let me FALL IN LOVE with yoga. I discovered yoga over 10 years ago when I was at a very dark period of my life. I no longer loved myself or the body that helped to carry me. After my first class, I instantly wanted more. Ultimately, it has gifted me with the ability to accept myself and love unconditionally, the grace to move past events, and to let go of people that no longer bring joy into my life. I will always be a lifelong student of the yoga practice.

I will often speak of the Ujjayi breath during practice. This is the breath that connects us to our physical practice. It lets us stay in harmony during our practice as well as our daily lives. I have a passion for a power styled class with some restorative/yin poses throughout to calm our ever wondering minds and spirits. I will challenge you in class to go deeper into a pose, possibly holding it longer than you might like. I want you, as a student, to know you are so much stronger than you think you are.

Yoga helps to center me in this life. When I am not practicing or teaching Yoga, you will find me parenting my three active and loving boys. Surrounding oneself with people we love and who love us make this life truly worthwhile. I enjoy taking care of our six chickens and gardening (could I be a farmer at heart?!). I work part time as a RN in the operating room which is an adventure itself every single day.

Travel Light. Live Light. Spread the Light. Be the Light.   CYT-200

Gena Renard

found yoga 5 years ago at Pedretti Power Yoga LLC. I have always been very active throughout my life and I wanted to try a new regimen to my workouts. I was a gymnast and dancer for 13 years so I figured this would be a good fit. Flexibility is something I have always had, but I found that yoga is not about how flexible you are and if you can hold a perfect handstand for 1 minute. It’s about discovering your own abilities and growing every day through the struggles and accomplishments of a pose. It’s also about not comparing yourself to others and instead checking in with what your body needs on the mat. This unique practice forces you to take more ownership of your body and become more aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses. I want to teach my students to honor their bodies, but also know that they can try on new poses and test their own limits. This is done through a powerful energetic practice with graceful transitions, all while concentrating on breath and each individual movement in a pleasant and joyful setting.

Recently I completed my 200 hour RYT Training here at Pedretti Power Yoga LLC. I am also a full time kindergarten teacher for the Mishicot School District. Ever since I started teaching 6 years ago I have incorporated yoga into my classroom. The little ones LOVE the moves and they feel so much joy when they have accomplished a pose on their own! They also learn to notice differences with their own body strengths between the variety of poses. With that knowledge they learn to try on new moves or to honor their bodies:) RYT200

Sam Walker

I found yoga seven year ago with Pedretti Power Yoga and have been a true believer that it really is ALL YOGA ever since! Recently I’ve completed my 200 hour RYT here at Pedretti and am looking forward to sharing my love for yoga with all of you! 

Aside from yoga’s wonderful physical benefits, it’s more about the mental clarity and personal growth that yoga gives that has inspired me to incorporate yoga into my every day life. Whether it’s trying on a new pose or taking it easy and honoring one’s body during a practice – yoga is your time to focus on yourself and what you need to get out of your practice. There are no limits and no competition when it comes to yoga – it’s all about being present. 

The overall joy and growth that can be accomplished through yoga is something to share & I can’t wait to share that with all of you! 

When I’m not on my yoga mat, I work for a cluster of local radio stations and enjoy time with family and friends! 

I look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces on the mat very soon :)   Namaste! 


Dawn Ver Haagh

Hot. Power. Yoga. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Yoga is the one activity in my life that has brought me full circle and I am thankful that hot yoga fell into my lap several years ago. My “obsession” started in 2013 and that obsession quickly turned into me taking my yoga practice further; becoming a certified 200 hour yoga teacher.

Outside of yoga I spend a large part of my week, my full-time life, as the Executive Director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. My career brings me much joy and also helps me to be thankful for what life has handed me. Mingled in those working hours I am an avid CrossFit girl, yogi and scheduler of my high energy social circle. I also appreciate my “Dawn Time” and have a passion for reading and writing. I set a goal each year to read 100 books (100% accomplishment 2 years in!) and in 2011 I wrote and self-published my first book titled “teamdawnkelly.”

Circa 2004 I fell off the couch potato wagon and started to make healthier decisions. In the past 11 years I have run 6 marathons, handfuls of half marathons and 5K’s and got my feet wet in the triathlon world by participating and completing sprint and half ironman triathlons and in 2010 the big daddy of them all; Ironman Wisconsin in Madison. And yes, I have the “M dot” tattoo and no, I will never do another.

Loving life and living life. See you on the mat!

Tyler Brown

Once I completed my first vinyasa power yoga class I was in love! As I continued to practice, I started to realize that yoga is an art that transcends through practicing the movements. Learning to focus during each pose naturally lengthened and strengthened my mind, body, and spirit. Being grounded in the moment is my favorite benefit of yoga, as I am able to see all the beauty life has to offer! I’m continuing to become a better version of myself by focusing inward, creating balance, and being enough in the present. Practicing yoga helps me balance out the competitive edge I’ve fostered as an athlete.

Since I was five years old I competed in sports. Most notably, a current player on the amateur Green Bay Storm baseball club and former collegiate player on the St. Norbert College Baseball team.

Now that I am a certified 200-hour yoga teacher I am blessed with the ability to share the gift of Yoga with our community! Yoga brings me to a place of gratitude where I begin to operate from a positive mindset. This allows me to fully appreciate the abundance I’ve been blessed with. This optimistic confidence allows me to make the world a better place. I hope through practicing together my students foster a similar mindset.

I graduated in the spring of 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from St. Norbert College. Some of my passions are spending time with my family, playing baseball, cycling, juicing fruits and vegetables, and (of course) practicing yoga. I am currently employed at AmeriLux Logistics where I manage our customer’s accounts. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share the powerful benefits of yoga with you!  CYT200


Vanessa Baldwin

Vanessa is a motivated yoga instructor with a passion for teaching. She specializes in power, vinyasa, meditation, and slow flow yoga. Enjoy inspiring others, energetic and outgoing with a collaborative spirit.

The benefits of a yoga practice are seemingly endless; quiet strength, flexibility, inner contemplation, an opportunity to put a pause on worrying thoughts, and a chance to focus on what is most important, breathing!

As a yoga instructor, I want share these benefits with you! I aspire to lead you through your best yoga practice, both on and off the mat. (RYT-200, CTA)


Liz Schumacher

Strength and Flexibility … the greatest balance one could ask for.

I was first introduced to yoga later in life; I always thought that I had to be flexible to do yoga and flexibility is something I’m always working on. I am a runner and a triathlete and I found that yoga is the perfect compliment. I have ran many marathons, an ultra marathon, competed in triathlons and currently training for my first full IronMan; the more I roll out my mat, the more I find that it benefits me not only in my sporting events but also in my life. I am a Chiropractic Technician and very intrigued with the anatomy portion of yoga and how it benefits the body. I love to teach yoga because I am able to witness first hand the benefits that it has on one’s body and mind. Yoga has truly inspired my life.

Helping you find your own strength and flexibility is my goal and passion. The greatness in me acknowledges the greatness in you; may you always choose happiness and health.

The Pedretti Power Yoga Team